Care and Support


Our Team is committed to visiting new residents and newcomers to Wesley Church.  The team members welcome these families by bringing homemade bread, information about the area, and our recently published Church cook book.  If you like meeting new people and would like to be a part of this much appreciated ministry, contact the church office or Pastor Karen.

Congregational Care
Whatever your spiritual gift, we have an opportunity for you to soar!  The following areas are just some of the ways we help and support each other:

  • Bereavement
  • Financial Counseling
  • Meals Ministry
  • Miscellaneous (shopping, transportation, etc.)
  • Visitation
  • Wedding Planning
  • Prayer Chains

If you need to talk with someone about a problem, or question in the faith,  our Pastor would welcome your call.

To reach our Pastor:

Rev. Karen Tutak
Church: 636-937-5854
Mobile: 660-287-3732

To Know Christ and To Make Him Known!