Our Kids

Wesley has many programs for the youth in our community.

Early Childhood/NurseryDuring Sunday School or during the Sunday service in the nursery, we want children to experience much more than safe, dependable childcare, we want to welcome them into a caring environment designed just for them! It is our desire to teach preschoolers that: 1. God loves them 2. They are His special creation 3. Jesus wants to be their best friend forever

A staffed nursery is available during the  10:45am service.


In the Elementary ministries we want kids to experience God in a way they will never forget.    


Sunday School

Sunday school (Christian Education) is offered during the 9:30am Service on Sundays year-round and provides a consistent, structured, cumulative, age appropriate education with a curriculum centered on Bible readings (stories for the younger kids) and application to life. The classes are grouped according to age, but not so many as to not fit in the classroom. Because the curriculum builds on previous lessons, weekly attendance is encouraged in order that the children completely understand each lesson.



The  Underground

Real life is all about, well… real life. It’s about teenagers encountering God, making friends, growing together and making a difference. It’s about helping you connect, elevate and discover.

 The Underground is the youth at Wesley from 6th grade through High School.

To Know Christ and To Make Him Known!